Documentation about the application


1. Will there be a host on DToolKit

We have already thought about this but it remains complicated but why not in the future

2. Will you be adding languages?

DToolKit languages can be added or improved thanks to the languages community available here: https://translate.dtoolkit.net

3. Documentation of the application?

It's here :)

4. If we have found a bug in the application what should we do?

You can send a mail to [email protected] with in the message: A screen of the bug, how to get this bug

How to connect to the application ?

To do this, first download the application DToolKit on the Play Store (Android). Once downloaded, launch the application and enter the email and password of your account Discord and authorize access to your account. Finally, you just landed on the homepage of the application

How to disconnect from the application ?

Click on the red button to the right of your nickname on the home page

The home page of the application ?

The home page has several buttons and sections: top right a button to rate the app on Play Store The latest announcements of DToolKit Information about your account Our website Our server discord Watch a commercial (to support us) And the version of DToolKit

The bot page of the application ?

The application's robot page? a box to put the token of your bot discord with a button on the right to access your applications and copy the token See the information of your bot Send a message from your bot Generate an invitation link with the ID of a bot The Discord documentation And the site with your applications on Discord developer

The server page of the application ?

Same thing for the last two pages: send a message from a webhook Define and watch the logs of a Discord server Add your bot to the list of Discord bots Add your Discord server to the list of servers
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